Fontane Bianche
Salvatori + Fantini
Matt Gun Metal PVD finish for the taps, embellishes the purity of the forms. The collection takes its name from a locality with white sands in Sicily, near to Syracuse, so-called on account of the numerous natural freshwater fountains gushing out into the sea.
Boffi B14 Norbert Wangen
The aesthetic sign of functionality. Bevelled edges and tops. Its structural and functional inventions always origin a total redefinition of the domestic spaces. The 60° cut shows the unique effect of its thickness. Useful in the doors and in its handle less opening.
SOLID PLANK / Extraordinary Dimensions
With Dinesen Douglas planks, you get a distinct and unique look of the highest quality. A Douglas plank floor creates a highly elegant and harmonious expression due to the extraordinary dimensions. An extravagant solution with clear references to the majestic Douglas tree. Finished with Lye and Natural White Oil.
Sophisticated Surfaces
High perfromance surface. Sintered mineral compact, obtained from the purest natural minerals with the most advanced technical development and avant-garde design. Hygenic / Waterproof / Easy to Clean / Unalterable to UV rays / Scratch and Impact Resistant / Chemical and Stain Resistant / Fire and High Temperature Resistant / 100% Natural and Recyclable.
Exceptional performance by design. The life between work increasingly revolves around cuisine. Preparing, enjoying, discussing it, all occurs increasingly in one room. And if the kitchen is the heart of the home, then Gaggenau is the soul of the kitchen.
Olivari + pivot doors
Since 1911 Olivari has been manufacturing handles at its own factories in Italy where the entire production process takes place. Starting with brass billets, the handles are forged, milled, polished, buffed, chrome-plated and hallmarked with a laser.

This hardware combined with custom flush-with-the wall pivot doors that span from floor-to ceiling and feature true trimless jambs.
Window / Door Systems
Blomberg SLD
The Blomberg Slim-Line-Door (SLD) is a very thin profile Structurally-Glazed System engineered for Large-Format Doors. The SLD System features several critical design improvements including: Consistent Door Profiles, Flush-Sills with Aluminum or Custom-Finish Material, Flush-Stacking Door Panels, Integrated Pulls with Locking Hardware and most importantly, the SLD System matches the Blomberg T450/T600 Window Systems for complete installations with equal sight-lines.